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007 Husband codename windows...

Swindled, Jacked, and taken for a serious ride! Marriage? Why do stupid people marry? Hell, I’m a dummie joined a club I never intended. I realize why he asked at gunpoint to marry me, <-complete exaggeration. windows basically said, “Marry me or get the fuck out.” was the extent of his proposal.

Earlier in the day he asked his hymen trophy to take his hand in marriage. Damn she must have gave his ass a serious smack down. Later he storms in demanding I marry him or I can leave the decision was simple we married. Now I realize I married for all the wrong reasons.

I never understood why windows treated like a second class citizen. I tried cosmetics, he laughed, I wanted to try on clothes, told me I was wasting my time, I wanted school told me to wait for him to finish first it’s 12 years later.