Portland Oregon, 3803 51st Ave, day cunt and wart purchased house.

Custom built 2 stories purchased parcel in 2009, an investment or new prospects.

False identities are fraudulent crimes.

Day they were suppose to move in, day I was suppose to die, or set me up for his death???

~Pft~ Nigga Please!

window's assembled a bumbling group of idiots, to take me out?

Such an elaborate hoax??

Find me estranged, insane, and a paranoid delusional.

Why such an elaborate scheme?

window's drugged me with spice, pharmaceuticals, and low radiation.

Caused my miscarriage, he took out his own Son.

I was definite I was having a Son, and secretly happy.

All for a sacrifice...1st and second weren't sufficient samples, 3rd time 2-11-16.

Abortion date on her birthday.

Happy birthday cunt, best sacrifice ever.

Saving window's sorry ass.