/ cryptic


Small calculated risks.

hitman officially a polygamist married second time Vegas.

married eme cunt fuckwad.

Planned my murder with my family.

hitman said, "he'd rather be a widower than divorce."

Does something seem a miss in statement?

Shit, one cousin dead, another family member dead 4 years earlier?

Unrelated personally, but connected by blood.

Not likely.

Unlike, Christ I'm naming my perps.

sold to WHOM??? and WHY??

Triggered memories of military use.

Remote Viewing, clairvoyence, and telekinesis.

Memories hurt like a bitch!

I scare psychics, because they are speaking with someone who should be dead, and

intrigued with how I survived.

After 99.9% of psychic readings I'm blocked by reader.

I don't take the block personal, I realized most psychics are traumatized after reading.