/ abstract

shortcake/ubu/ewha every alias of window's lova..

“Why is lipstick on your forehead?”   short cake replied, “making up my mind.”

Better pour another drink princess.

ubu choked on her own substituted reality.

short cakez pony up, fucked fuckface to gain reference, dildo/wart requested cunt for lab.

dildo unaware of wart and cunt’s past predated 2008, bad ubu.

wart disavowed, and bowed to his Queen, sunk short cakes battleship, daddy will care for short cakez as long short cakes cares for daddy.

cuntry call girl snorts lines like she fluffs cock raggedy red eye.

shortcakez showed wart a world, and wart gave shorty the door.

Willie Wonka never sugar coated shit. face planted in concrete, green eyes quickly turned shit.

vagisil goria will teach you how to jiggle ur milkshake around da yard.”