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112, 87, ARX2308, 1044ATM call strawberry shortcakez for good time, 12th man slogan, oh, look it's the w, and it's time for lunch, together or separate, wall-eye, sulfur city, bulls-eye, ice cream burglar, drag feenin, e-hackin, e-hatch, and homo can ya go, and beamers, notes on ruston, truckin, jeepin, motorcyclin, crosscountry motherfuckers,

red tainted blood. Oh, my, every lil lost em'ism, dreaded seahawks, swan creek, strawberry shortcake and wall-e redeemable points on defiance..hexed numbers 3, 21,14, 25, and 87, 98 bad years. Pleasure meeting the wife who would let him stick his cock in.

Well, my direct response would have fired as "Pleasure meeting the fat fuck my hubby has been blowing." Pleasure meeting the imaginary wife. Normally, 1st impressions matter, perhaps not. invented lies, enemy lines, and makes a one sided narrative fractured.