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Enters Lover Scene 1 act 2

strawberry shortcakez in a shit colored jeep, warpaint plastered.

memoirs of a geisha flick of the wrist analogy, how arrogant and ignorant.

Geisha means discriminating business woman who looks to have her time retained by one dona.

Dressed in emma swan attire ready for battle princess.

Next movie fantasy tweekers, truck, bella swan's (dis-associative much), not

realizing cowardice, creep in tow, End scene with tears on your clarinet (wow, zero


s. meyer's reject cast: diamond dead wood, suicidal queef, and hyenas with chemical

erections, cheesy 9 1/2 weeks, shaded bitter moon.

emilia's novelty cunt What sloppy service.

poor lil girl living in her fictitious reality-- ¦confusing heroin for heroine.