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La Gorgon

Dinner last night– Sicilian. What a pretentious little hole. Service? A joke. We put in our drink order.

I ordered unsweetened tea with a side of sugar. she brings iced tea with rocks of sugar. How is this rock going to dissolve in iced tea? I sent my tea back.

Waitress asks, "What would you like?" The special. "How many orders?" "One–" I replied, "if we're hungry, we can order more."

If we aren't trusting of restaurant– order one special.

Appetizer– Soft boiled egg, sliced whites, grilled asparagus sliced radishes, spring flowers. Recipe depended heavily on oil and butter.

Entree– Pappardelle pasta with duck meat, asparagus, shallot, with a white wine reduction. Waitress arrives with food covered in duck fat not duck meat. Noodle flat– zero flavor used cheap gluten free noodles.

Meal went back. Waitress with red in her cheeks, we told her what we didn't like. With pursed lips, she reluctantly took food. she asks, "is there anything else you'd like?" Yeah, Spaghetti Marinara–add a meatball.

"I'll have your order in ten minutes." Our wait? 30 minutes. Ordered appetizer. Finally, waitress arrives with a tiny bowl of Spaghetti Marinara where everyone else received a bowl for two.

Waitress, "How is everything?"

Noodles under cooked, sauce overbearing, and I'm afraid to try the meatball. Her fire back, "No one has sent any food back."

"Please, don't insult my taste buds!" For 10 minutes she tried to figure bill. She decided to comp. our meal.