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alien agenda

A terran alien race Cherokee Nation. Nordic and Dragon are extra-terrestrial.

My Grandfather a descendant of Chief Joseph, and Grandmother unknown.

Grandparents A- Blood type.

Grandfather had 2 birth certificates, in 1946 or 1947 he joined the Air Force as a cook.

Gramps never spoke of his parents, grand parents, and family wrapped in mystery.

His Mother P.J.C BlackFoot/Cherokee, last name leads to Chief Joseph, a photo.

Gramps failed to warn his children of untold danger of lions, tigers, and bears oh my.

Gramps warned children, If you think your going to receive any benefits to claim

Native Rights. "You won't receive'em."

What do Native Rights mean to me? A card stating I am Native American? Fuck "Native

Americans" are true Americans.

Seven children with negative blood, a veritable blood bank.