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"if I fucked tiger lils, would you want me back?"

Uh? I'm alienated from family tiger lily fucked hitman, both have questionable sexual history.

honey would you want me if I fucked your brothers, and changed course of their marriage?

hitman falls for any pathetic sob story sex/drugs give added drama hitman's role model taylor swift in short pathological liar.

Let's meet at Emerald Queen a plenty of rooms.

tiger's hubby won't leave trophy wife, finest piece of ass he'll ever possess, bean your beanie isn't cuttin mustard.

psst* she needs a dick bigger than 3 inches, darling, I am hoping against all hopes you pop when your test arrives (daddy commanded std test, contaminated vag bad for business)

tiger will stay married for 10-15 years.

There is not a prenup set in place, so get ready to be socked.

Poor dummy never had a chance what a sham of a 2nd marriage. What thought you were number 1?

Nope, 1st marriage, green card, paid 25,000 installments.

daddy pimps, baby for nice coin, daddy has foothold in casino.

tiger stickin tongue at ya, you realize she is laughing at you?, and supporting a spoiled trust fund loser. hmm