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Drugs addicts X, Y, husband, everyone around me.

My X, Y chromosomes deathly afraid of me?

What pact did My chromosomes make?

My marriage a store front for hitman's illegal activities.

hitman did say, "I married you so you would never testify against me."

tiger lily's marriage front for EQ Casino, gave daddy access to illegal activities.

bienie zero clue marriage a investment venture, since he is tribal cha-ching.

tiger lily set, baby's tribal money, child support, plus alimony.

she'll stay 10-12 years ensuring alimony.

daddy fixing tiger's kitchen, if daddy's fixin da kitchen.

already first year of newly weds show signs of slippage.

"8 days a week, 25 hours a day, my hero has time to remodel my kitchen!! I have the greatest daddy alive!"

Fuck if tiger's hubby can't remodel the damn kitchen, trill is gone.

If you haven't noticed tiger's a complete kiss ass!

lew baby child, gay, indifferent, lazy, total trust fund baby.

daddy's worst nightmare instead of a lady killer, lew hunts for submarines.

daddy seriously what a waste of semen.

Popped what you never wanted...hehe..daddy homophobe.

I, X&Y will never share same space willingly.

If I were to ever share same space with X&Y denotes

forgiveness on some fucked up level.

a target labeled on my back.

Whooa Nelly, better pull dem reigns.

hubby fuckin tiger since 2005, when did they meet?

hubby met daddy, 2007 hooking fuckie facie furgi penisanus.

daddy begins business 2007.

emie cunt fuckwad begins anus 2012 as helper.

Team red in place, and has not slowed.

Lotsa dirt in werx.