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My cousin Kalie 33, experiment gone wrong

husband wanted money, connection, and name.

How industrious.

Hubby knew how to put on a loving face.

Hub's photos remarkably telling smile for cameras.

Kalie became open target for inlaws enjoyment.

She wanted family acceptance, now ash.

How loving.

Yes, experiments of how much a subject<-(no, longer human), emotionally, mentally, and physically withstand.

Heat on low, measure for response.

Over months family members spiked Kalie's tea with drug combinations.

Kalie never woke up - good or bad

subject result death.

End result enriching documents for field study.

psychothic/sociopathic/subjective/objective study.

Patterned behaviour, tendencies, environments.

Research valued in certain blood lines.

Death Record - Accidental Suicide. incinerated.