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keeping it in the family

EWEWEEWEWEWE!!! Disturbing how I fucked my mom.

hitman fucked X-chroma, Y-chroma, plus 1/2 siblings.

I fuck hitman and we have unprotected sex.

Unfortunately he does not believe in safe sex, and bisexual.

I am respondsible for My Health.

Cuz condoms kill sex for hitman.

I understand what fuckfaciefergie meant, "You let this piece of shit stick his cock in you?"

Cuz hitman blew fuckface, fuck hitman wants to be liked.

I want to pimp hitman out, remember Less Than Zero.

Great Depiction.

Guess what, I fucked entire family by non proxy with use of one cock.

partners they ever had, gawd I need a shower.

My life, "Jerry Springer meets ghetto/trailertrash/honkeys."

When I thought my life sucked, Well, it's worse.