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T.I a(war)eness

As a T.I my general rule is never give'em what they want.

I marked at birth, due to familial linage to Chief Joseph Sr, Chief Joseph Jr.

Knowing where my genetics come from is a wonderful help in protecting against

forces of nature, evil, and intent.

Gives a solid reason as to why I am T.I.

Induced with a line of Power from infinity and beyond.

3 years ago I slated to die, but somehow I overthew my programming.

somehow in the process I diced myself up into several pieces

tieing a string for patterned events in my life.

how I protect my core, dicing myself into a chess board, are my

faceted personalities, but all aware of one another.

So I view myself as whole yet disconnected.

Somehow I managed a backdoor through all this programming

Raised with such concepts before gang stalking, cyber stalking, harassment

encountered by random stangers.

I learned to never allow my environment change me.

Self awareness grants powers of not acting crazy in given situations where I look

like a perp, predator, or assailant.

When driving I am a safe driver so trying to toss me off the road that way won't

happen unless it's a set up assasination, mechanical failure, fuck they could gps my

ass, and be there waiting for me.

Whatever the situation I trust my instincts if I feel afraid, worried, panicked I

leave zero "scene" necessary.

when driving past certain places such as military bases, mountains, crossing certain

states, leads to an unnatural heightened fear making no sense!!

Because I have never been to these places!!

Not that my conscious can recall, but everything else about me is recoiling why?

I can not be inducted into a state of hypnosis.

I learned not to react to negative stimuli, and I am Master of My Universe nobody owns Me ;).

Having such stable control over myself allows me to beat and outsmart the fuck out

of these cretons left and right without ever laying a hand on them.

I save myself humiliation by making them look stupid ; )