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Past psycho's

Dated, Known, or encountered

J. Goodman - Religious truth seeker, believed in bible thumping, and

thought Mark of the Beast meant planted microchips.

After high school he enlisted in Army.

He is now in jail spending a double life sentence in jail for double homocide.

Offense Killing his wife and unborn baby.

C. Lemon - Dated this idiot bicycled 28 miles to my house for a piece of ass

how fuckin romantic!!

Years later in jail for robbery, rape, and assualt.

D. Mun - Diagnosed bi- polar, killed animals, Expected professions

Hitman, Henchman, or Warlock. Believes in Aleister Crowley's Philosophy.

T M - Colorful person fucked up on cocaine, lost Mother and older sister

within 6 months of one another.

Reality call for T to clean up.

Courtney R - Abused individual died 2 days before 27th birthday heroin overdose.

H H - Abused individual lost both parents with 24 hours of one another.

E S - Home burned down.

J B - Derailed

H N - Monarch symbols could be coincidence, colors purple, gold, and green.

Disney 24/7 tvs are never turned off.

h suffered car accident with head trauma never looked into.

traumatized as a baby.

Sisters pitted against one another, one works, the other stay at home mom.

Mom treats daughter differently one is treated like a god, where the other

is treated like an outsider.

Grandchildren treated differently girls receive less, and boy receives more.

uncle fester lives in garage, dark side of foster care.

Sherman W - Operative meant to further destroy my personality, but broke protocol

x-chromo programming set in place.

He could not break programming for set uhaul accident.

Smokey F - Abused, abusive joined military to continue or hide abusive tendencies.

Programmed military tatical training.

Mental/Emotional/Physical abuse x-chromo allowed my step father to beat me to a pulp

and told me I deserved my beating.

I always disagreed, but fuck we can agree to disagree...

J W - Prince charming syndrome saving damsels in distress when he can barely

care for himself.

K K - Abusive, threatening, Emotionally destroyed, abused, signs


C H - Car hood fell on his head, comatosed 3 weeks, and has short term memory

loss at tender age of 12.

At 12 an alcoholic, at 16 created enough scarring on liver, so he

gave up the bottle.

D. B - Drug addict at 12, did not want to process abuse that happened

at a birthday party where children were allegedly "filmed".

C L -Related to Joe Diamaggio, lost grandchild.

W M - Family part of dentyne empire, lost family fortune due to father's

gambling, abused family life.

The commonality with people discussed are all D.I.D's Damsel's in Distress

or known as Disassociative Identity Disorders.

The fear, shame, and guilt left people in isolation any idea to call for help

meant weakness.

In many respects we were left to fend for ourselves, many resorted towards self


Growing up it felt how far can I hide my secrets?

Worse part they aren't my secrets, but secrets I harbored for "role models"