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S-man 101

How Sherman broke protocol with me, he clued me in on social activities

through introduction of pyschology, sociology, and social/mental

warfare through means of character assisination, "No, one has to

die if a person's proves to be contradictive, first destroy reputation."

When people challenge belief systems, and those who challenge must be punished.

Humiliated like Jesus, crucified daily.

Simple example lived in a small town unwritten rule, black and white shall not


People who intermingled in a lil town were shunned immediately, harassed


Size of scale does not matter, rural, city, or urban area.

Marion Barry - coke addict Mayor busted in mo-mo

My programming consisted of systematic abuse from teachers, students, places I

lived, and mother.

Ultimate lesson if a person can not be willingly silenced, then they can be

quitely silenced as a last resort.