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I pissed military off because I refused to portal out.

An intense room with grey light not blinding, but bright.

Light reflected of metal instruments, electronic equipment, jump seat illuminated,

faces obscured.

How Jump Seat works, somehow the seat is embedded with Alien DNA,

and chair responds to genetic sequence.

Chair and DNA become symbiotic hence natural ability to stop my heart, reached

level of zero gravity..

I became defiant during testing..

While in zero gravity I took control of my energy, I did not

allow them to command me.

I zapped back into body, and fuck paddles!!

Zapped the fuck out, back in zero gravity, I realized I have power

and control.

They threatened my body, in zero gravity I'm dead, and realized they could not

control my energy.

I sent lab ablaze shooting energy like Raiden rolling out thunder.

The smell of chard human sish kabob its the last visible dream I remember about the

jump seat.