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What x-chromo didn't know daddy tried sexually assaulting the 3 eldest girls.

Daddy worked into frenzy when he chased eldest out with a gun, telling her,

"To never return."

daddy worked himself down the chain before he found one who didn't fight back.

x-chromo terribly sexually abused by daddy, but why wait five years to come out

daddy fucked ya.

Sounds like baby wanted to play a sick game, like most little girls, how did daddy

slate you.

Found out he fucked other women, thought you were that tight young thing he

crawled in bed with to remedy daddy's hard on.

Since no one was like baby.

Spurned you to get pregnant by some yellow bellied coward who left anyways.

Guess what you got pregnant a second time, only to give brandy up,

for a false promise.

Hide ur lies, keep your secrets, because I already know the truth.

That's right royal highness, This Bitch has your fuckin #

Why do you think mommie never loved you, she knew what happened under her nose

think she didn't know?

Her fuckin slutty daughter serving daddy up, how do you think grams felt when she

was molested by her daddy.

Then baby grew up thinking, she was daddy's special baby...

She wanted nothing more than to see your tiny heart crushed in having an

understanding of how men play sick little games dummie.

The hard reality and truth for daddy's princess, she will never be his

one and true.

Only a play toy to service daddy.