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Black Diamond.

It's funny I have always viewed myself as a diamond, rough, uncut, with each lesson learned.

I carved a facet of memory, eventually fashioning my, "Diamond"..

Military underestimated power of my dyslexic mind, I did exact opposite of

what they expected.

This Diamond transcended programming, I wrote my subscripts beneath programs.

My mind powerful to undermind their intelligence, prolly makes me

one dangerous person.

How to break programming...Truthfully people are not meant to break programming

when repressed memories surface as abstract, lucid, or surreal making zero sense

severe migraines, feelings of hopelessness, depression, lack of will, possible

suicidal thoughts.

When feelings begin to arise possible Delta Programming.

Delta programming in short is death.

There are many different types of training, but I am giving ones "Planted"


I'm not a "standard monarch" such likes as Princess Grace, Marilyn Monroe, or

Ruth Ellis.

I'm a rare Black Diamond a unique assasin who learned to use power for My Level

of Protection.