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Hi-5 I bartended.

Krush threatened Sandy's life.

He screams, "If you come home I'll kill you."

Not did he say this once, but twice.

A full bar did not hear what Krush had said, except me.

Krush asked to leave facility, cops called, I left a statement.

Krush's attorney contacts me, "Will you testify on Krush's behalf?"

"I can't I left a statement with officers on Sandy's behalf."

Ms. Attorney states, "What statement?"

I left statement with officers that night, where is my statement?

I told her I would get in touch, I wanted to call Pifely PD myself.

I gave case number, and asked if my statement was on record?

talked to someone, and no statement filed.

Called back 2 more times in five days.

No statement found.

Well, with my statement missing, I called Ms. Lawyer back, and agreed to testify for


When Sandy found out I was testifying for Krush, bitch did not have nerve to show

face at court.

I wasn't even present for day of court, and Krush calls, "Guess what bitch didn't

even show up."

Case Dismissed.