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riley grabriel fakey

Poor 29 year old kid has no clue what type of crazy he is marrying, but I don't think he cares since he has zero money, or floating around as a trust fund baby.

Who knows a well placed con man, cons marrying cons how sweet.

cunt wad's mommy must have issues with baby gurl marrying a man who she feels is beneath her daughter.

Then again scum wasn't good enough for emi to say, "I do" only when she thought I was going to be taken out of picture.

runde's lil lolita bitch what a special lil bitch how he protects her, what does she have on him?

runde and emi both wanted me dead now I just want her dead.

For blackmailing my retarded husband, then again she had runde wrapped around nasty pussy.

he did emi's homework for her making sure she is a stellar student, then again at least she finished associates.

I guess it would be easy to finish on time if someone else is doing ur homework.

runde did college homeowork for her then sent her a laptop from toy's'us

Gave her nook, trips, and he allowed emi to destroy my shit.

dummy followed pussy like a fool.