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Niteflirt Caller

guy calls, "I am horny and want to get off."

"Did u read My Listing?"

"Yeah, but i didn't think You would be literal."

I'm a Dominant Denialist, we discuss what u fantasize.

"Uh, You don't tell fantasies?"

No, My line priced so we can converse creatively.

"I don't want u working for free, ur not paying Me an actors salary.

"Would u walk into a office that doesn't specialize in ur area of expertise?"

"Would u cater to him on a whim or recommend someone can help?

"Geeze You don't have to be so mean."

"Did u not see Sarcasm and condescension?"

"i did see those words."

"Then why did u take My listing for granted?"

he politely excused himself, and said goodnight.