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Tupac 20 yrs Later. ▶️

Audio Reality....Expectation writing expresses what I wanted to say!

My theories, thoughts, and feelings.

How Knight killed 2pac.

The magical question how did Knight walk away without any bullet wounds?

12-15 shots fired on passenger side of vehicle on Koval and Flamingo.

Witnesses and Knight reported 2pac shielded Knight.

Knight knew 2pac was on "deathrow."

Knight used bulletproof vest he sent Pac while incarcerated.

Bulletproof vest mounted, "How Shug got away with murder 2x"

Right next to the Needle that killed Eric Wright AKA E-Z

What a sick joke.

Stop light provided time for Knight to pull bulletproof vest over clothing.

Women in right lane invited to Club 662, provided distraction for Pac

Sleight of hand, Timing, Opportunity, gun appears, shots fired, and presto Magic.

Pac tried to flee vehicle, bullets not fired on driver side

Knight held Pac in place, Knight 360lbs, 2pac 175lbs.

Would not have been difficult for Knight to restrain Pac.

Pac and Knight should have suffered similiar bullet wounds.

Shit both should have been laid up in hospital.

Shug had bullet fragments removed, cut on head caused by flying glass.

Second vehicle on driver side immediately left scene of crime suspicious.

To look less suspect make a safe exit out.

Knight passed bullet proof vest to car on driver side.

Associate stated, "Knight sat with hands on steering wheel in shock."

Why wasn't Pac in Knight's arms if Pac shielded Knight?

When bicycle patrol arrived Pac upright in pool of blood.

Patrol yelled at Pac to "put hands where officer could see."

patrol opens door Pac hits ground!!

Bloody and Injured nearly unconscious.

Logic dictates 2pac's body would be in backseat if Pac covered friend.

Where was blood on Shug's clothing?

Shug Knight did not want to pay any artist on Death Row.

Shug used Pac, Pac left a Legacy, Pac became expendable.

Yes, Pac had Makaveli records, and wanted to distribute through Quest Records.

Give Boy King what he wants.

Pac won't be able to enjoy any of it.

shug thought 2pac paid for future meals with Pac's Masters

Afeni put a stop to Shug's nefarious plan.

Mopreme states, "Pac shook bed and wanted to speak."

Contradicts what Afeni said.

Pac was brain dead, why Afeni pulled Pac's plug.

Shug, Gangs, Crooked Police, Psycho Mother all had a hand in Pac's death.

Orlando "Baby Lanes" did not shoot 2pac.

My theory who shot Pac?

Keffe D only man left standing.

Shug Knight did not have Biggie killed.

Puffy had Biggie smoked.

What leads this theory?

Biggie and Puffy separate vehicles?

generally dem nigga's be ridin togetha.

On this particular night separated why?

What did Biggie know about Pac's first shooting?

Biggie killed for sales to perpetuate rivalry among Coasts.

Biggie did not generate that type of Fame.

The way Pac achieved fame on multiple levels Dead or Alive.

Pac said, "Gimme money, and fuck fame."

Helped Government/Media create East Coast/West Coast bullshit opened

hostile take over for Death Row, and under new management.

Kind of Like Studio 54