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Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gay wanted to LOVE the world with epic voice, a voice sent from God, blessed

by Angels.

A voice to bring world peace.

Gaye children abused.

Marvin did not conform to what Gaye Sr expected, Marvin didn't understand

Pastor Gaye SR Pastor, but crossdresser at home?

Marvin did not understand Gaye Sr's contradictions.

Gaye Sr hated son, Marvin saw contradictions, and always asked questions.

Questions landed Marvin in trouble often.

Gaye Sr could not beat Marvin's mind, body, or soul.

Marvin kept beauty, wonderment, and his heart shaped mind.

Before Marvin passed away he wanted to break free of commercial contraints to have

full control of artistry.

Some say Marvin wanted to commit suicide, Six months earlier Marvin purchase gun

and gave Gaye Sr to hold.

Others say, "Marvin wanted rehab to dry out."

No, matter what the story, Marvin is dead, and leaving eclectic message.

If Marvin smoking, snorting, any substance and if Marvin is smoking indoors 2nd hand

inhalation of smoke, snort cocaine and skin to skin contact.

Whatever drugs Gaye Sr taken counteracted with mix of crack/meth/coke

Having elements of drugs can create paranoid environment.

Many wanted Marvin dead on multiple levels Marvin had Staying Power, and wanted

to create a whole new genre, Gaye Sr wanted son dead for selfish reasons.

Before Marvin had an opportunity to take flight, gunned down by Gaye Sr,

April Fool's Day 1984