/ niteflirt

Boy, I married

Yep, I married irresponsible dip shit of a human.

Completely despicable, like walking slime, when it speaks crabs, lice, and tick vulture out mouth.

he says, "I can have it all?"

Utter shit flying

runde should have things wrapped up tighly.

An awesome severance package.

Show me divorce papers u had drawn in california.

Dividing what he "earned" into what my alloted settlement?

family of 3, based on 60,000 a year tax return 2,000 for 12 years.

helped fund bastard welfare checks.

Bae-con traded 16 yr old pussy to blackmailed him into submission.

deep down he loves shame receives, and aptly eats bae-con shit, mouth wide open.

This is what makes cock rock hard.

its easy controlling runde.

he melts for pussy, problems with having a weak cock.

he doesnt want this to reach Court.