/ critical


a true monster.
This is one Ass u will never possess,
sick fuck!

I don't owe u shit
Mutha fucka

going to take me for slaughter?
u've killed urself.
drugs eaten away at u...
barely 50, old man.
broken destroyed, lil boy

sexually abused by family.
drained ur daddy dry
anything to keep dirty secrets!

u've already fucked hitman
talk about keeping shit in family
I have fucked my parents plenty disgusting
thanks to man I married
none believe in safe sex!

trying to kill me a SIN!
every dirty detail u n lassie
have put out against
me has come back to harm each of u.

choked urself with hand u feed upon cunt
u and lassie will pay for sins.
get ready for a heavy dose of crow

Eldest has mutha FUCKA PEGGED
nuttin more than a shill
luv it
false bravado I'm pure korean bullshit!!
NOT Likey
ain't anything u can say

y-chromo:Stop texting this nonsense. You need to get some serious help!

dummy, u goin back to jail
u can help me fucker
I'm coming to u
can't deal
I think u need help

stop talking about Me
trying to kill me
I am not ur willing
sacrifice for u or x-chromo

understand forgiveness does not exist within me
a function never taught
96 u've been looking for a way back in
ur direct words
seems coded to me
nigga please, transparent
giving a hitman interview at dinner?
good enough for white boy
racist fuck

call me crazy
I'll call u Daddy Fucker
x-chromo wants me to leave ur sorry ass alone
HA who fuck is she?

y-chromo: I’m sure this is enough for police to put u in the mental institute.

u put ur x wife in a mental ward
on multiple occasions
and u tend to forget ur criminal history
u can't handle reality, and remove anything that impedes ur reality
don't give me psycho babble
scare tactics
it's the only language u know
take all this to police, an investigation needs to be opened
u can take edited version, I'll give full copy

y-chromo is waving at you!
Tap to wave back

Spawn: add fuckfaciefurgie, eme cunt fuckwad
make ur claims, so this can be properly investigated.

please incriminate white buddies
ur help is essential in solving this case.

Yeah, I have quite a traumatized memory.
If u believe x-chromo and I
are remotely close
fuck she has lied to u
woman is evil as day is long
2 peas in a pod

u know that's true cuz u still tap x-chromo
Since u know about my hardships
I've never told u about any hardship
That I can remember?
what do u know about me?

other than misguided hate?
let me help u think.
chemicals got'cha all fucked up

when mimi acts victimized it's irritating
if she didn't agree with greencard marriage
fuck she should have never married,
daddy turned her out for a pretty piece of coin
why complain if she married for money?

hitman said, "No one is using my name!"
fucker used me for my name.

ur not 100%
jap blood, mongul.

5th descendant of Chief Joseph, bitch do u understand how rich in history?
Chief Joseph genuinely stood by his word, not contract.
Grampa shared photo of Chief Joseph, he did not share with immediate family.
recognized I am different, and shared glimpse of History.
Grandpa needed me to feel genetic lines.
Tell Truth, Justice will Follow.

My birth a cosmic hiccup, destined, meant to be.
parented by idiots.

You missed call from y-chromo
Call Back

u've fucked liver and heart
mark of genuine love
true love is rare
true love does not exist betweeen man and woman.
But of souls
Grandma and I had true love
burned u to witness Ajumma's love for me
jealous u and lassie
i should call x-chromo - lassie
trusty old bitch

she'd put a knife faster through my back if it meant saving her

I'd rather deal with reality than cower behind a wall
ready to come out and play, "Mr. wilson?"
What do u want to say now? any infinite words of wisdom?
I figure the most valuable thing u can teach me is how to roll a proper blunt
but I use rollies

years of avoidance has brought u
a child with emotional issues, who wants to talk....y-slime
lassie never protected me
she loves seeing me fend off wolves
her sadistic pleasure
I'm thankful neither psycho married, between parents I would not have survived
scary thought

I have zero control over hitman
drugs got hitman all fucked up.

thanx to the pair of u.
I have post truamatic stress disorder

Open investigation for claim of
My Insanity.
burden of proof is on u

remember how u treated lassie
like a fucking dog, fuck no better than u, born year of dog
busted her fuckin jaw
made u feel like a man
gave a hard on didn't

my memory
compartmentalized as fuck
how uncle chester tried to molest me.
what was ur reason?
u and lassie gave b up
why didn't I follow?
needed someone to torture

logic dictates if u take this to police,
logical question ding ding: "Why haven't u blocked her?"

I remember how u'd stand over lassie like a dog!
treated her like a bad doggie
see I don't need to talk behind ur back
information Str-8 in front of ur face

lassie and I scammed u in 92
for $800 church incident

what happened a month of weekend community service, replace a scorched pot.
zero damage to church

y-chromo reported stolen credit card '95
called credit card provider, reported
"stolen card"
couldn't pay fucking bill

how u would have flown to CA
not to visit but to take me for an appt abortion.
ur a walking ray of glowing inspiration

lassie did not stop her own father from harming her!!
changed my opinion about lassie all together.

All that talk of if her father ever put her hand on her, what bull shit.

This is why gramps and I never bonded
so guess what u never wanted an obligation,
but now it's ur obligation as a good citizen.

lets have a second death in family.
Unrelated but related.
create more fuel
not a willing sacrifice
nope, nope, nope, nope

clock is tickin, tick, tic, ti, t, * * *
kept me from the idea of family for so long
thought I'd be beggin to be with jo's?

Truth I wanted Ajumma

remember stupid gang fight happened at apartment?
u, lassie, rob
ready for a rumble,
lassie took ur side thinking she was an equal!!
oh, more like collateral damage!
thats rich

x-chromo discovered y-chromo married
After diggin through pockets after sex.

everyone knows about ur lil insecurity
common problem among 90% of male asians

women kill themselves for u, fuck u appreciate flattery

y-chromo such a gurl
gossip, u and hitman
lassie, have much in common

wanna talk to me? how do u say hello to someone u haven't spoken to in years?
easy bitch, say "hello"
u've been runnin this tired story for years

yellow is color of national pride
I don't know how my family will accept u
remember ur dumb ass letters to me?
fuck u don't remember much

I remember alot about u
don't think I have forgotten
I will not allow u to believe such lies

ur substituted reality
narcissistic socio path
one who can not recognize pain person has caused harm, damage, or pain
ur needs are greater than everyone elses
u schedule people like appts
act like ur time is so precious

what a boy
runs from responsibility
I see the boy in u
he doesn't frighten me
fergie, tell ya about my lions roar?

ur as scared as I am, but I am different
I'm not a KILLER!!!!
I'll slay u mentally
could not take me on verbally, fuck lassie can't
fergie upon meeting him says to me,
"I can't believe u let hitman stick his sick cock in ya."
Now I understand why

thank buddy for sinkin ship
over pussy
eme cunt fuckwad
fergie and hitman been hittin
typical cock fight
and u thought u were the only one stuffin that cunt?

mistake of thinking hit, eme, fergie were ever assets.

Fuck I don't have a speeding ticket to my name.

Ajumma was not of pure blood, and She knew.
Family Punished Ajumma
Ajumma punished future grandchildren
for childrens sins.

what a price for everyone to pay
a mother's love

Guess what we all didn't receive, "Mother's Love"

a price we all paid.

rightfully orphaned

calling u or lassie parents I consider inhumane.
cruel and unusual punishment
yep, how any child should view any parent
kudos and well done.

Giving me up would have been better option