Clarification -slave_b

In some aspects a pest.

hungry for attention...

prior to October 2005 fiasco public of my pics, i seriously fucked up my game.

i take 100% responsibility...

sheer panic my naked images on Your blog threw me into victim mode...

She posted for world!

omg, followers on NF

hundreds who regularly viewed her blog daily!

Now all viewed me - potentially people i know, who knew me.

a pathetic attempt to beg for freedom

next day greeted with most humiliated pic of them all

set at desk dressed in winter sweater, cum smeared on lips, locked gaze on camera - Mistress's only response, effectively blocked.

Kicked without a peep.

Mistress never harassed me, the torment of being painfully exposed haunts me.

my pics stayed for years.

victimization transitioned acceptance.

turned modest exposure junkie.

Weeks after dismissal, i continued to visit Your blog -

to look at myself -

my penis became harder and faster with each visit as i continuously masturbated to my nude self.

Over a year, masturbation to 'regular porn' decreased until non existent.

Replaced by a new fetish.

i had found another..

not really dominant, but played part.

She had a website - but my speed.

i paid tributes to post pics..

usually with her mocking comments.

pics up 20 mins -

i tributed again to take photos down -

masturbated to my exposure felt like an eternity.

i paid her - a few others - requested custom videos/photos made fun of pics -

held photos, pointed, and snickered -

have faces of disgust -

out of control -

wanted exposure and humiliation for my erectile dysfunction -

justified, but mortfied pics still on Your site - risky as it was...

Years later, Your site retired - i tried to resume vanilla fantasies - with little success.

i cum to memories of my humiliated exposure -

publicly shamed - opened feelings i buried -

i feel gratitude for doors opened and helped walk me through - blush

happy anniversary - and thank You