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Cobra Kai

holy shit what a beginning!! Danny and Johnny hell, ya!

Huge Karate Kid fan back in the day, I Hated Karate Kid Sequels, why fuckin mess

with perfection? By turning brand into Joke?

Milked a cash cow, until people became sick of same allegorical message in different


What series empasses bullying, lack of communication, misunderstandings in

interpersonal relationships.

Giving depth of post traumatic stress, how issues were truly never dealt with.

Johnny walking out as a father, Mother abandoned Son.

Neither parent has any right in defending or cross examining b/c neither

acknowledge wrong toward son.

How children suffer when parents are not involved in child's life.

Miguel's mother put career first to not have to deal with her own feelings, but did

not change career path leaving Grandmother to raise son.

Danny's lack of connection to son, and struggles to bond.

Johnny's insecurities trickled through students, begins to see error of method,

and bam bad guy walks in.

The Series is like Degrassi High in some respects, cast beautifully chosen,

and excellent care in dialogue.