Confession slave_b

lights on - BRIGHT -

Every line, imperfection, expressions on my face quite alien, foreign, to be wrapped in decadent pleasure.

Mirror placed on floor, i lean over, look at myself.

flaccid, limpness which mocked me.

i stroked and absorbed my humiliation -

unable to look away for fear of disappointing You... i promised

Followed given instructions.

my flaccid dick went medium hard.

i stroked and humiliated myself while masturbating in front of mirror, my hardness grew.

my breath heaving in loud bursts.

gasped for air as i neared my humiliated orgasm.

spurting on the mirror - i felt blush on cheeks.

i spurted weakness on my reflection...

i should have filmed it - to humiliate myself over and over - i leaned to taste my mess....