/ critical


My marriage complete sham! hitman never loved me.

hitman wanted revenge he contracted a disease from someone one.

he discovered his malady 12 yrs ago, and vowed to put me through hell.

Explains shot gun wedding.

Surprise, Surprise.

he'd thought I'd pop with him in 2015, ha ha ha nope.

hitman loved what he thought My Name could bring him.

My daddy, drug king pin is his official title, but builds houses as a front.

daddy two bit pimp way back, 1996 empire failed, due to tax evasion.

Pretty smart cat to evade solicitation, laundering, muling, and a mess of other charges.

daddy's biggest regret not paying taxes, spent 5 years in prison.

2004 last time we were together as a family.

daddy in salmon jumpsuit delaying trial b/c he needs a translator.

Funny mom taught daddy english.

mom spoke to prosecutor, daddy denied need for translator!!

Fond, Friendly memories.