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Crime of Passion?

Marriage affirms: Selfishness, dominance, and stagnation. 50/50 toss up divorce or death (literally or figuratively).

What crimes of passion involve murder? Why aren’t crimes of passion referred as hate crimes?

There is no love when murdering in cold blood. In his emotional outburst he “accidentally” strangled her in an emotional outrage?

She shot his femur in hopes of scaring him only accidentally killing him? [real case of jealous girlfriend]

Classic cases of immature and underdeveloped emotions through direct/indirect action and lack of reasoning!?!?

Suddenly consequences no longer exist or apply to a person committing murder.

Words such as: Restriction, Salmon jumpsuit, Bars, and Fresh meat have zero meaning to a person committing murder??????

The color red appropriately works, and why? Doesn’t red mean “STOP?”