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vay-cay? huh

Traumatic trip, before we flew out to Florida.

I took a pregnancy test result positive.

What a nightmare. I didn’t tell Windows.

I was ashamed to know I was pregnant.

Flight out was bumpy.

Pilot who flew was his first landing which made everyone paranoid.

I hate flying as it stands.

We arrive stay at a crappy hotel, and essentially wait for his grand parents to retrieve us.  

Disney World shit before we walk into the joint.

Bags, purses, and metal detectors oh my.

Then lost site of windows, what I didn’t realize was this would be a trend in our history.

He disappeared for 45 minutes to an hour.

I don’t know how he found me, but consider time, space, and size at the Magical Kingdom of Disney.

What I remember most about the whole trip is Disney fireworks, and what a display.

Again I am viewed as a stereo typical money grubbing whore who has taken advantage of their grandson/son.

I felt as if I had interrupted the whole party. All eyes on me type deal.

Grandma X wanted to be oriental, and would have done anything to be oriental.

I looked at windows, “Does Grandma X have any comprehension as to what she has said?”

Grandma X basically told me she would have been happy to be furniture.

Grandma Y informed me, “I’m a blood sucking vampire whore who is taking advantage of her grandson, and I should be ashamed of myself.”

This was all taking place while windows was rushed to ER for a ear infection.

I told her, “I’ll be at the nearest hotel, Grandma Y calmed down real fast.

On X-mas day I miscarried, a sense of relief came over me then depression.

I couldn’t wait to leave.