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Jus a ill lil gurl.

I hear your wife is hot. brief encounter at Rock City. Night fuckface furgie wrapped arm around her, and remember cunt’s embarrassed countenance? Made wart jealous seeing fuckface furge wrapped around ew-ha. The look on my husband’s face priceless. his façade became apparent a bared gleam of jealousy stamped on window’s face. Hell, wart brought several women to Rock City, didn’t realize wart brought Real McCoy with him this time?

Didn’t want to cause a scene in Rock City, didn’t want to feel foolish fighting for married man where once employed? Rolled into 76 on your fuckin high horse didn’t have balls to peep a sound. I asked window’s, “What would you do if I cracked her pretty head in concrete?” His look told me what I needed to know in that moment.