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Rock City.

Rock City met fuckface furg first impression money grubbing trust fund baby. pissed daddy wanted a party going away party, and babies upset daddy has spent his inheritance. his first words from his precious mouth “Pleasure meeting the woman who would allow this fucker to stick his cock in”.

"Pleasure meeting the fuck my husband has been blowing." "Wow, you really are a con artist...Oh, I meant artist." Think my husband stepped up for me? Nope, fucker laughed with fuckface. fuckface furg purchased me a drink and strawberry shortcake spit in my drink. My husband literally had me face to face with his lovers. 

jock rolls up pissed about his seat (which were not being used). jock, “excuse me these are our seats.” I then ask, “Are these particular seats in use right now?” jock, “No, but our jackets have staked claim.” Then I replied “Don’t you think your bodies should be in your seats?” fuckface furg warns, “Careful before he puts you in his place.” under my breath, “Careful before I set you in your’s.

Jocks left for about 10 minutes they return, picked up jackets and left with a sincere apology. Made me wonder who spooked the fuck out of them to leave abruptly.