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window's does business for kindness, ew-ha industrious escort, and fuckface furgi middle man. ew-ha and fuckiefacie trust fund babies.

What are the chances all three located in same place? window's and ew-ha's history pretty damn deep.

I married a poly amorous slut with sociopathic tendencies. Fuck me sideways!

Triad, magician, star, and fool. Endings 3 of Swords, Lovers, Tower in reverse.

Imaginary Wife is correct. window's pumped ew-ha on his arm, girlfriend, or friend. he frequently left his wedding ring at home.

window's took ew-ha to meet his family, how sweet flaunted his new wife. he always believed our marriage a fallacy.

Every year window's would ask to renew vows. Sure I want re-new once again at Court House with misc people. Fuck a day to remember?

mentally ill woman who believed she married window's, and if he were to leave a insane individual. She'd end in a mental institution, and I can't have her daughter orphaned.

Considering windows drugged me for years with whatever post hypnotic he could rifle through anything to help stepfordize me.

Thanks to window's help I suffer a heart murmur, and a damaged central nervous system.

window's story. window's said, "What have I done for you in the past 12 years?" "Absolutely nothing, I hate you."

his resignation: a mentally ill spouse.

"Pleasure meeting a con artist. Oh, I meant artist." fuckfacefurge

I don't drink, drug, or pharma anything⇠ That's nasty. People who chose to chew their liver– Please be my guest.