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Portland Oregon, 3803 40st Ave, day cunt and wart purchased house.

Custom built 2 stories purchased parcel in 2009, investment or new prospects?

False identities are fraudulent crimes.

Day they were suppose to move in, day I was suppose to die, or plan his false death???

~Pft~ Nigga Please!

window's assembled bumbling group of idiots?

Elaborate hoax??

To say I am: estranged, insane, and paranoid delusional.

Why such an elaborate scheme?

drugged with spice (designer drug synthetic does not show blood or urine str-8 into blood stream), pharmaceuticals, and low radiation.

Caused miscarriage, took his Son, made no difference genetic material lined hitman's wallet.

I was definitely having a Son, and happy.

Ashame I don't have first miscarriage on record, he missed a pay day.

Sacrifices. second pregnancy/miscarriage confirmed, 3rd Abortion 2-11 date of cunt's birthday.