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X-Apology rusty car

July 1995,

rusty and I dated 7 months, remained friends after break up.

rusty expressed wishes of marrying petunia buttler, I said, "marrying your future ex-wife."

When John returns from Desert Storm, she'll want her first love.

rusty pissed, "You don't know what your talking about, and how can a friend be vindictive?

He never wanted to hear, speak, or see me again.

Fast forward 2 years

Hello Grey,

You may not want to hear from me, but you know me.

so how are things going?

Ok I was an "ASS" last time I saw you and have the right to hate me.

You need to know when petunia and I were dating that things were awkward for me, knowing you two didn't get along.

I'm sorry for treating you the way I did.

Now things are back on track for me, I felt I owe you an apology.

petunia and I married no sooner than the marriage began.

she wanted more than I wanted to give.

Soon after marriage we divorced.

petunia with John, her "first love" and talk of moving to Montana.

I asked Wayne for your address.

I'll keep this short, I hope to hear from you if not I understand.

Honestly I never responded.