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Convoluted does not begin to explain logic.

@ Ten My uncle tried to molest Me.

did he not anticipate? kicking, screaming, and biting.

After I drew blood, uncle retreated.

That's right I handed uncle's ass to him on silver platter.

Friday BBQ neighbors invited, uncle questioned my practice work.

Practice work became point of argument.

What he said became a direct threat.

I responded cold, "Ever touch me again, I'll kill you, with Italian Mustang, result crushed skull.

In front of God and Witnesses I'd commit murder.

chester didn't sleep for 2 days, he still walks earth, but his karma fucked.

I asked Auntie, "Do you remember wound on chester's hand?"

"Yeah, one wound he would not let me look at."

Auntie like Florence NightenGale, tended every bump, bruise, and scraped knee.

"I bit the shit out of right hand."

Anyways, 28 years opened to x-chromosome about what happened.

x-chromosome, "Your a fucking liar! Why after so long?"

28 yrs prior, x-chromosome would have called me a liar then.