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daddy fucker

Springer in effect.

I'm embarrassed.

Time to roll with classic entertainment.

Spawn: ur damn fake and people see through u, and hate how others see through u.

Spawn: Can't get that Camden smell off ya.

Spawn: What is worse u hate that I see u!

X chromo: you misspelled condo you want me to show you how it's done condom condom


Spawn: I misspelled condo?

x chromo: bye...prevention the name of the father the sone and holy ghost get

beneath my feet will you be long satan. <-who talks to their child like that?

Spawn: No, stupid that's from a show. (My Name is Earl, Can't get that camden smell

off me. -Joy)

Spawn: Do u know how to use a condom?

Spawn: didn't learn from 3 pregnancies.

Spawn: x-chromo wanted to be babied! Should have not wasted time in motherhood.

Spawn: Simply needed cock in stuffed in cunt at all times to feel loved.

Spawn: Motherhood fucks with time for fucking.

Spawn: cunt will always crave attention and recognition.

Spawn: Spread them legs for anyone who u think will bring u out of ghetto.

Spawn: x-chromo, hitler reincarnated, "hail hitler."

Spawn: Let me talk, like ur my bf! :)

Spawn: Since u want to call me evil.

ur a daddy fucker!

Loved keeping daddy's secrets?

Let's explore ur memory?

What do u remember?

x-chromo say, "takes a beating but keeps on ticking."

How loving.

Want to go on a emotional tantrum daddy fucker?

x-chromo didn't stop y-chromo (my grandfather) from sexually abusing her.

No fight, nadda damn thing.

I am next to x-chromo, zero common sense to react!!

Fuck I left, I didn't know where the fuck I was going but I needed to leave!!

Because of what happened, I have always viewed my x-chromo as a whore, never fought

back, what a cunt.

All that talk, "if this motherfucker ever put his hands on her ever again."

Well, ladies and gents x-chromo ate crow.