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synthetic designers, pharmaceuticals, drugs, can affect a person who is not taking


Through second hand inhalation, skin to skin contact, and through bodily fluid.

When I was pregnant with child, x - chromo smoked METH around me, which nearly cost

our lives thanx to x-chromo's addiction.

Diary -

Six weeks - spot bleeding, slowly turned blood, rushed to ER, told to rest for

14 days!

in bed for 14 days, for a student mad fucking HOMEWORK!!

What did I do in bed for 14 days? HOMEWORK!!!

I did not experience a normal healthy pregnancy, as a matter of fact I dianosed with

Preeclampsia overload of protein 1st trimester.

x-chromo did not believe symptoms I suffered, until her med student co-worker pulled

out a huge medical dictionary, and showed x-chromo preeclamsia can be fatal.

Only then did she believe, and I am 7 months pregnant.

Dr. Insane told me, "I must deliver on this particular date, b/c protein levels were

becoming increasingly dangerous, if I waited till due date death 50/50% or 100%

death for Mother and Child."

Good news we lived, but childbirth a traumatic experience.