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Blaque Cube

People since dawn of time worshipped deities world wide.

Stories are similar with cute variations.

Paganism, The Mother, Father, and Holy Ghost wrapped beautifully interwoven

Trinity cleverly disguised through religion.

Tower of Babel housed Witch craft, Philosophy, Market a place where people could


Whatever the case Tower was brought down by God or Alexander but alex died before

Tower came down (perhaps a bit of foreshadowing?).

People were taken from Babel displaced, told to follow Mono views, if not die?

Sodom and Gommorah who truly knows what happened, but God killed people for

different beliefs.

God feels hateful.

How can I truly be given freedom of choice if God is gunna strike me down for

making an incorrect choice?

I don't need church to tell me: murder, cheating, or abuse is a terrible thing.

If I were to commit any act to consciously fracture My Soul I'd feel gravity

of my actions, God doesnt need to say a word.

I know.

baptism perverse, I did not want My Soul sell My Soul at an early age.

Baptism a trap!!

If I am going to hell personally, Let me be the one to send Myself to hell

without guidance from anyone else's misplaced views.