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What is the cost of marriage? Having freedom to leave, I can't pick up,

and begin where I left off.

10,000 for a divorce funny for 2 people who do not share children, property,

or anything.

What needs to be proven hubby's several alias, 3,000 for investigator

who may or may not find anything.

7,000 for a lawyer to pull every document/medical testing to prove my case.

Divorce modern slavery, purchasing freedom is expensive and devestating.

Better to weight choices and utilitize options.

Instead of undergoing an expensive divorce live as single as possible!!

Have a healthy attitude about cheating on a spouse, because my before then spouse

wanted to destroy me before we married.

He with several others thought my mental/emotional stability fragile.


Thought pharmacuticals would end me?

I see my husband enjoys people who love pharmacuticals, flakka, spice,

modified bullshit.

Keeping him stocked, used pharmacuticals to keep me in check.

Those cheap pharmacuticals damaged my central nervous system, heart,

and lungs.

I live with a sick individual and thinking I want or need more abuse

is incorrect.

If this nigger thinks I am leaving with nothing, because "he did the best he could."

No, your going to do better because you can support me in ways you never did in our

so called marriage.

He refuses to divorce me, and will contest divorce.

the idea of purchasing my freedom so not sexy!

In today's cliched society, married but singular.

Meaning I'm married, don't expect me to leave, ask me to leave.

I think you can go :) Capeesh