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A natural witch endowed with Neutral Dragon Soul.

Chimera hybridization, and created with particular strands of DNA.

Fact Natural Witches have difficult time with pregnancy I nearly lost

my first born after six weeks.

2 miscarriages - with husband our DNA was not compatible.

my alien genetics annihilate imperfection.

That's killing with extreme prejudice.

1 abortion - I decided I was not giving birth to rosemary's baby (I've seen

husband's family like children of the corn (corn husks).

I felt that strongly about seed I carried, and wanted to rid parasite

from body.

My 2 miscarriages are payment to baphomet, blood sacrifices yeilded "them"


Didn't find holy grail did ya..

I love watching people scatter like roaches looking for crevices to fit.

parents lost all bets.

"They" don't like to lose, so if not one soul offers reasonable compensation.

The game turns russian roulette intermingled with Clue,

sloshed sloppy police work, and ultimate "sprinkle some crack on it."

Come after my progeny, I'll open gates of hell.

I'll leave phrase to interpretation.

Let your imagination go wild.

My husband feels my pregnancy EXONERATES him from any deal made with


Incorrect he did not leave viable sample for "Them" to use.

A gamble he lost..


his 2 useless offspring have absolutely nothing to offer but the very

air they breath.