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Double Life exposed.

My husband keeps a schedule with emi grinnin cunt, been with this whore since she

was 16.

A lolita type of romance <- I don't care how cliched b/c they believe life is a


From Lolita, Twilight, Midnight Cowboy, 9 1/2 weeks, christine, Once upon a Time,

I can't believe I married this niggga!!!

I want an annulment!..

If I can prove my slime ball of a husband married twice can I receive an annulment?

Bigamy – a spouse has another living husband or wife and fraud..

The Anwser is Yes.

3 years ago My husband hoped to use this one - Incompetence – a spouse was mentally

unable to consent to the marriage; insane, intoxicated, or incapacitated.

he didn't use those particular words, only word used, "estranged."

Explains his intent, motive,

My husband studied marriage law, and tried to prove me crazy.

The person I married, called me, "Crazy"

Silver Linings ;)