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Yep, describes my marriage, 12 years of shit.

Married life what a nightmare, and laughable joke.

Alright 1 nightmare on Oct 31st, 2004 dreamed old farm house/school building, small


Town desolate, empty, cold chills, autumn leaves flew in gusty wind.

Painting fall colors on dark silhouettes, children in church, and school resembled

early 1900’s restored building supplied with chalkboard and chalk.

Parents gathered with children, but I couldn’t find windows.

Outside school house are several different paths.

Suddenly power went out, pitch black children, parents in panic, a shadowy figure

makes way dressed as Micheal Meyers.

sought me out, found me every step of the way.

Chased from each path, school building, church, eventually leading to a tree.

Finally pinned a big ass knife comes, and stops as if to taunt me.

Removes mask, my husband with vacant eyes.

plunged knife str-8 in heart.

Woke to scent of electrical burn, computer fried Hallow’s Eve.