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First 2 weeks of life suffered Jaundice I suspect x-chromo used speed during pregnancy.

I have harry potter scar on left eye, x-chromo kind enough to toss lit cig

out window to land on left eye.

Age six bit by pit bull, 2 cm closer I would have lost an eye.

Age 10 I bit my uncle jay ingested his blood.

Nearly abducted at 10, over stating a stranger asked, "If I wanted a ride."

I repeated fourth grade since I wasn't smart enough to pass the first time.

age 11 mrs. sungren opened case due to prejudice.

Marriages of different races were not welcome in community.

District Attorney of Manhattan KS wanted to take substantial case

x-chromo turned Kennedy down due to fear of town backlash.

age 12 school violence, harassment, and isolation.

1st time meeting sherman briefly at Calico Inn.

age 13 beaten by step father first with close fist hit on right side of cheek

followed by open handed smack.

The police of Riley County Ks did not want to press charges against step father.

Sheriff Bloomdal and Deputy Dale Fomer refused to do their jobs.


I told x-chromo, "I want to leave, because I don't feel protected."

Sent to Washington State to live with Crazy Grams.

Trip a distaster to say the least generational gaps, grams thought I was a bad

seed b/c I came from my mother..

Seeing y-chromo just as traumatizing, 1991 divorce proceedings began

1992 Divorce contested on multiple occasions by step father

legal fees between both after damn near 2 years of divorce 14,000

Divorce finalized in 1993.

Ouija predicted I would be impregnated at age of 17 his initials DSM.

Those are baby daddy's initials....coincidence?

He impregnated Courtney Melissa Reed, she miscarried intentionally by poisoning

embryo with alcohol.

2nd chick Luan Martin aborted spawn

My name is Melisa LeeAn tagged with his third child.

1995 gave birth to daughter, moved to washington state, uhaul accident, senior


In high school had pleasure of meeting "other targets" given stories of abuse


My senior topic "Effects of Child Abuse."

1997 - Donated Blood at Red Cross to be written never to donate blood again.

Please contact physician, I did tests only to find they couldn't find any

problem with my blood

1998 - Traumatic fight between x-chromo, sent daughter to father.

1999 - Found out father of my child had beaten my Daughter on more than

one occasion.

Grams betty clued me on details on what happened to my daughter.

13 months of separation daughter had zero clue who I was, and had

a difficult time to adjust.

David who deliberately cut any communication with his child.

2000 - Mad dash to California after I was threatened with CPS

I was told by a Tina Neilson, "Fuck with my daughter, and I'll have your child

taken away.

Funny her daughter brought us home go figure, I guess telling her mother, "I got

her hooked on meth."

What an awesome friend.