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Christmas 1987 I received a Astronaut Barbie, and my cousin destroyed my barbie!!

Oh, head popped off, right arm ripped out of socket, and left leg missing.

My barbie amputated, beheaded, and grafittied!!

It was Sunday morning upon waking my barbie wasn't on her stand, I ripped room apart

to look for her..

I found Barbie buried under all toys in chest.

I immediately jumped Rena, I can't remember what was said, but here is what


Entails much screaming, wild acts of violence, my stubborn cousin refused to give


We woke parents needless to say we spent entire day in our room, and we were told to

work it out.

Well, that didn't work, I wanted apology, and Rena was not apologizing.

Considering Rena and I are stubborn as fuck nothing accomplished

room a wreck, clothing, marbles, toy cars, strewn everywhere.

Rena picks up a toy truck, and damn she chucks that truck at the fucking


Oh, TV in living mutes....

Rena and I focus on Window, Window wobbly as fuck, almost looked like liquid.

Eventually window calms the fuck down.

Shai at the door, after 8 hrs of arguing with my cousin, threatens an ass whooping.

We straightened up...