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I have always dreamed of finding my sister.

Anytime I dream of brandy, I have coke bottle vision, I can't see her face, or


2000 - I called psychics, (I know needle in a haystack), psychics pinpointed

New York, Florida, or Cali.

brandy could be in law, medicine, or entertainment.

2013 - x - chromo received letters from a law firm in Florida.

x-chromo afraid shredded letter upon receiving, 3 more letters to arrive, shredded

each time.

2015 - TCC Professor from Dade County Florida......began teaching at TCC in 2013.

Entertainment Lawyer.


If brandy is a lawyer it's a good possible chance she knows about nutty family

history, if I were her, I'd be ashamed, and thankful to dodge bullet.

if she knows about familial criminal history, she is smart to want to stay away.