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Runde changed college path from computer science to business in 2007, Year My sperm

donator got out of prison..

Fuck Face Furgosun began at PSNS in 2008.

Somehow y-chromo had money to float construction business.

Furgosun's Father owns a plumbing business (aka Front store drug muling), and

daddy dearest construction business.

put 2 and 2 together connect y, furgie, and

rundy we have professional drug runners.

y-chromo back in the day loved using and selling..

My husband looks for easy money what easier way to score cash for him and Mrs.


hubby used Me for What he thought My name could offer.

What my name has to offer?

Death, destruction, chaos, and Rundy sold soul cheap.

Sold soul for cheap thrills, eventually the party is gunna end.

When solid curses come for all of you.

I'll be laughing in the end.

Black Eyes has been released, u'll enjoy her..ehehe