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Run in w/ Po-Po

My first speeding ticket.

Targetted on highway white utility truck traveling north on chiko way.

Oddly enough I was "Triggered" on Trigger Way officer pulled off to right.

The truck set me off, driver harassment, and highway jam packed cars.

Subsequently pulled over, truck makes get away.

Officer verbalizes, "Our interactions are recorded"

Officer asks, "Ms. can you tell me why I pulled you over?"

I take a deep breath, "Yes, driving wrecklessly, and nearly causing a collision."

BuT!?!?! The white utility truck harassed me, by speeding, slowing, and

Mr. Officer cut me off.

License, Registration, Insurance.

Mr. Officer takes info back, and I look at Runde..."I am getting nailed on ticket!"

Mr. Officer gives ticket, dropped ticket to 75, and told me to keep tank at 68, oh I

mean 65.

Received ticket, contested ticket, ticket reduced to traffic infraction, since this

was my first offense.