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trust piggy fund must have realized how poor he truly is..

he married me for what my last name offers and marital tax exemptions.

runde needed my last name to get in with daddy dearest who happens to be a two

bit drug mule.

daddy fucker got out of state prison 2007, round about time runde decided to change

majors from computers to business.

2007 daddy fucker got business up and going (where did he find funds to float


2008 We fly to Japan, fuckfacefergie steps @ penisanus his daddy owns plumbing


Interesting lines of business plumbing and construction? at one spot.

Who introduced whom to who?

Doesn't matter but in 2015 attempts upon attempts in trying to Kill Me.

What justified trust piggy fund and runde in taking My Life?

2016 Meeting with daddy fucker, If I didn't know any better daddy fucker wanted to

make business offer.

I guess my husband believes he should run my father's business since he is


What were people hoping to gain in my death?

Doesn't matter now, because y'all.